“Roy works with his hands, but feels with his heart. When he works on you he weaves decades of experience, a life- long journey on the spiritual path, and years of direct study with his teachers into a tapestry of healing that has to be experienced to be believed.”

Stanley Young, Climate change professional

“A friend asked me the other day what I was doing to look so much happier (i.e. looser and pain-free), and wondering whether I was 
still getting massages for my neck and back pain. I said no, I have a new doctor, because Roy is a doctor of the musculature.
Roy’s work isn’t a light touch massage; in fact it’s not massage at all. Roy is the person you visit when you are ready to undo and change years of holding stress, and when Roy says realignment he means business.
I consider Roy one of the few true geniuses one meets along the way—a person born to do what he does: to heal. Pain pills, muscle relaxants, and massages were providing only temporary respite at best.
Roy Strassman has given me a way out of pain…he is without a doubt the first true “healer” I have ever encountered. The work he does is soul work.”

Chelsea Samuels, Artist

“As a client of Roy Strassman I can attest to the skills of this veteran practitioner of Hellerwork structural integration, to which he brings a combination of rock solid knowledge and warm empathy. He also brings his jazzman’s sensibility, which allows him to move from the fundamentals into an improvisational breakthrough when needed and appropriate.”

John Scott, Attorney and Business Manager

“After 27 years of head pain, muscle and joint tightness as well as other physical limitations resulting from a traumatic brain injury, I went to Roy Strassman to work out some of the trauma from the original injury and all the years of pain. Roy displayed expert knowledge of how to manipulate each muscle and joint as deeply as necessary to get results, but he always asked me if the pressure was ok with me. After the 11 sessions of Hellerwork, my body is as flexible and relaxed as it was– before the head injury!! I am so happy with my new body and highly recommend Hellerwork with Roy to anyone who wants to move more fluidly and painlessly on this earth.”

Nancy S., Teacher

“Roy is a true talent. I spent months trying to get relief through physical therapy and doctors’ visits. Roy knew exactly what to do and helped me with my issue in my foot and also worked on my body. Amazing results, and I give him my highest recommendation. He listens and knows exactly how to respond and help. He is also just a great guy and to be around. Genius—structural integration and Hellerwork.”

Irene Raniseski, Branch Manager and Partner at Ultimate Staffing Services

“I highly recommend Roy Strassman as a masterful practitioner of bodywork. He has worked on my back and neck for many years, and right from my first session my body felt realigned and restored—and much, much better! His hands are gifted instruments of touch that zero- in on dysfunction and correct years of misalignment; he instantly knows exactly what and where to release and energize. He has been a miracle worker, not only for myself but also for many people I know: including monks, athletes, and other professionals—those of us who, like me, generally store their emotional pain in their body. He is also a pleasure to work with; I give him my absolute endorsement.

Sheryl Fleischer, Interior designer, Lee AP

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