Roy Strassman

For the past thirty-one years I have practiced Hellerwork to help others experience relief from pain, increased flexibility and fluidity of movement, and structural integrity of body and mind. Such ‘whole person’ well-being fulfills the Hellerwork ideal of “Excellence with Ease.”

We cannot over-estimate how important it is to function at the highest levels. Many people may think that bodywork and massage are a luxury, but after receiving the work many of my clients have proclaimed it a necessity. My practice serves successful professionals in the healing arts, business and music industry where the ability to stay focused and at ease in their bodies is an essential element to their success and well being.

My unique approach to bodywork is not only a product of Hellerwork training and decades of experience, but also of my spiritual practice, explorations in the human potential movement and my creative life as a professional musician. I am honored to be of service in assisting my clients to achieve their goals.

Why Hellerwork Works

Hellerwork™ is a powerful system of deep-tissue structural bodywork that re-aligns muscles and joints, and re-educates their movement. By properly aligning and integrating the body’s structure, this method corrects habitual restrictions in movement and restores natural grace and well-being. Hellerwork™ is particularly effective because, unlike purely body-oriented therapies, it addresses the whole person—body, mind and spirit. Under the hands of an adept practitioner, it is a truly transformative process. The series typically involves eleven 90-minute sessions, but you can also experience its benefits with non-series tune-ups or through Heller-based relaxing massage.

The benefits of Hellerwork are manifold. They include:

• Reduction of and lasting relief from pain stemming from injuries, chronic tension and the resulting restrictions of movement.

• Lasting release from accumulated habitual patterns of physical and emotional tension or stress.

• Restoration of natural flexibility, a feeling of being ‘at ease in your body.’

• Improved posture–the shrinking and sagging owing to the years of losing the battle with gravity are reversed — ‘teenage height’ is restored.

• Increased energy, vitality, and well-being, with a sustained sense of relaxation and harmony.

• Improved ability to concentrate — yes, your ability to function better at work will improve.

Roy’s Studio

Roy’s studio is located in the charming town of Pt. Richmond and is easily accessible from Marin, Contra Costa, Berkeley, Oakland and the rest of the East Bay. To the left is one of Pt. Richmond’s many panoramic views.

422 Tewksbury Ave., Pt. Richmond CA, 94801
(510) 232-5700

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