Bodywork That Works!

Q: What is Bodywork That Works?

A: BTW is a potent program of deep-tissue bodywork, movement education, and therapeutic self-awareness dialogue that evolved from the methods of Ida Rolf’s pioneering Rolfing and Joseph Heller’s Hellerwork. It is done as a series, which usually consists of eleven sessions.

Q: What does it do? What are the main benefits?

A: BTW produces lasting relief from aches and pains that result from stress, injuries, trauma, and/or aging. It promotes ease and fluidity of movement, structural realignment, improved posture, a condition of overall relaxation and general well being. It is truly “Bodywork That Works”.

Q: What are some other benefits?

A: Clients often report increased levels of energy and vitality, improved sleep, body flexibility, and even improved relationships. The results commonly are long lasting.
(See the "Hellerwork" section to expand upon these first three questions.)

Q: I don’t know if this modality is appropriate for me. Is it possible to have a demonstration?

A: Yes! I offer a complimentary consultation and demonstration to prospective clients who desire to experience it before diving in.

Q: Is it possible to have individual sessions rather than a whole series?

A: Yes, Roy is available to do individual sessions.

Q: Are there any age or other restrictions?

A: No, but certain health conditions may first require a medical consultation and modification in the work.

Q: Location?

A: Roy’s office is conveniently located in Point Richmond, just off I-80 near the Richmond Bridge—just 10 minutes from either Berkeley or San Rafael.

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